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Packages and Services:

With, for just $ 13.95 per month (no setup fee) you get:

  1. 56k V.90 & V.92 service (V.92 is available in many areas).
  2. Access to over 12500 POPs in all 50 states and Canada
  3. Up to two (2) Free email addresses (ie.
  4. free spam and virus protection with each email account.
  5. 10 MB of personal webspace.
  6. Access to over 35000 newsgroups
  7. Easy to use setup software to configure your account.

And if you choose the High Speed ($16.95 per month, no setup fee) service you also get:

  1. Speeds up to 6x faster through your existing dial-up connection.
    To learn more about how the high speed access works, click here.
  2. Free Pop-Up blocker.

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