Connection Speed

Are you connected to at a slow speed, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Be aware of what High Speed speed does, many users believe that High Speed will give them a connection faster than 56k, it will not, High Speed compresses graphics and HTML so that pages will appear to load 6x as fast. It will not increase connection speed and will not increase download speeds.
  2. Try an alternate access number if one is available, open up the icon on your desktop, click select and choose another local number, try as many as needed to get the best connection for you.
  3. Try a modem initialization string. Click on the icon on your desktop, select options, modem tab, and then in the Extra Settings box try these one at a time. Don't try this if you are getting a speed faster than 33600 , if you are getting a speed faster than 33600 than you are already connected via V.90 / V.92 to our pops and any init string you use will more than likely not make a difference or slow you down.

    After each one you enter (just one a time) push test. If you get an error go on to the next one. Hopefully one of these will help stablize your connection to the Internet.

  4. Lastly, if you have been searching from ISP to ISP and every ISP seems to have the same issue, it could possibly be your modem, I may recommend that if none of these fix the issue and you even tried multiple numbers that you may want to try purchasing a new modem as a last resort alternative. Quick Links:

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  • Download Dialer
  • Add High Speed
  • The dialer is required for all windows users. High Speed is an optional add-on, please contact customer service for more information.