Frequent Disconnects

Are you getting disconnected a lot while connected, here are a few things to check.

  1. Be aware of our policies, we have a 10 minute idle timeout, and a 5 hour max session. This means after 10 minutes of non-activity (writing an email is a non-activity, same with reading a webpage) or 5 hours of being online you will be disconnected, you can reconnect if needed.
  2. If you get disconnected right after sending receiving an email using outlook express, Open up Outlook Express, click on Tools, Options, Connections Tab, then make sure the box that reads "Hang up after sending and receiving", is unchecked.
  3. If you get disconnected when an incoming phone call comes in, open up the icon on your desktop, click on properties, check the box that says "To disable call waiting, dial" and then select the code in your area that disables call waiting. *70 is the most common.
  4. Try an alternate access number if one is available, open up the icon on your desktop, click select and choose another local number, try as many as needed to get the best connection for you.
  5. Try lowering your modem port speed, click on the icon on your desktop, select options, modem tab and then lower the modem port speed to 38400.
  6. Try a modem initialization string. Click on the icon on your desktop, select options, modem tab, and then in the Extra Settings box try these one at a time.
  7.  +MS=V90,0,

    After each one you enter (just one a time) push test. If you get an error go on to the next one. Hopefully one of these will help stablize your connection to the Internet.

  8. Check the phone line that the modem is plugged into, is it lose. You may want to plug a phone into it and check for static, do you hear other people talking sometimes? Does your line every drop when talking to someone, do you hear static sometimes, these all could mean you have a bad phone line and need to call your phone company to check. Before you do this though, try replacing the phone cord.
  9. Lastly, if you have been searching from ISP to ISP and every ISP seems to have the same issue, it could possibly be your modem, I may recommend that if none of these fix the issue and you even tried multiple numbers that you may want to try purchasing a new modem as a last resort alternative. Quick Links:

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    Amazon | eBay! | Blair
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    Travel Now | Expedia | PriceLine
  • Stocks:
    Ameritrade | E-Trade
  • Autos:
    Edmunds | Blue Book | Ebay Motors
  • Computer Repair:
    GE Service Protection Software


  • Download Dialer
  • Add High Speed
  • The dialer is required for all windows users. High Speed is an optional add-on, please contact customer service for more information.